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Imperial Army 47th IEF
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Notorious new bandit armor, a ferocious new mini-Pet, and more!

The War for Iokath: Now Live!

Posted Apr 18, 17
Align your forces with the Republic or Empire, then battle for control of a deadly new superweapon before it unleashes galactic devastation!
With galactic war on the horizon, align your forces with either Republic or Empire in a fight to control a deadly new superweapon!

A Note from the Producer

Posted Apr 13, 17
Meet Keith Kanneg, new Game Producer for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™!
Armor befitting an elite galactic hunter, the prized Cathar Warstaff, and the ultimate crystal customization pack!
Back from Celebration!
anyone alive?
Welcome to our page!
Im here from SWTOR to apply my Imperial Sniper Staicie
We strung together five uprising last night. Things are happening.
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