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The Imperial Army: 47th Imperial Expeditionary Force (IA) is a military themed roleplaying guild in the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic.

IA was founded in 2003 during the beta test of Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided. While in SWG we held a metropolis level city there named the Imperial Army Command Center (IACC) which was the center for all our events and activities. IA is dedicated to providing a mature close knit group of dedicated players who share the same passion for creating their own piece of the Star Wars universe.

Although IA is a role-playing guild, members are not required to constantly be roleplaying. Member are, however, required to tolerate those who do wish to roleplay. Whether you are engaging in roleplay or not, members must still stay in character when speaking in public social areas (/say and /emote) and follow the proper military protocol when appropriate. Guildchat, whispers, partychat, and Teamspeak remains out of character.

Roleplay is the core of IA but we are not limited to only that aspect, our members enjoy a full range of all areas of SW:TOR. Our military theme provides the backbone for our overall guild story and is also used for issue resolution, gear requisition, and organization. IA in no way decitates to members who they must group, in fact we are very much like a family and we are always helping each other in any way we can.

Please see our website for more details and further information: